Purim Hamentaschen (D)

Traditional fillings are poppy seed and prune, but apricot preserves, apple butter, pineapple preserves, and cherry pie filling all work quite well.


2/3 Cbutter
½ Cgranulated sugar
¼ C“no pulp” orange juice
1 Call-purpose flour
1 Cwheat flour


1Blend butter and sugar thoroughly.  Add egg and blend thoroughly.  Add orange juice and blend thoroughly.
2Add flours, ½ C at a time, alternating white and wheat, blending thoroughly between each.  Refrigerate batter overnight or at least a few hours.
3Roll dough as thin as you can without getting holes in the dough.  Cut out 3″ – 4″ circles.
4Place 1 T selected filling in the middle of each circle.  Fold up the sides to make a triangle, overlapping the sides as much as possible so just a little filling shows through the middle.  Pinch the corners together firmly (dab lightly with water if needed) so they don’t pull apart while baking.
5Bake in 375˚ oven for 10 – 15 minutes, until golden brown but before the filling boils over.

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